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About us

In 1963 it was determined by Orange Presbytery that Southeast Guilford County would have an influx of new residents in the coming decade.  In 1965 Greensboro Presybterian Churches purchased a 21 acre tract of property off of U.S.421 and gave it to the Presbytery for future use.  In 1969, Reverend Angus W. McGregor was employed to develop a new ministry in this area. Inspired by a goal to meet today's needs in a contemporary way and offer a complementary and alternative to traditional congregations, Reverend McGregor began a door to door visitation in the Forest Oaks area inviting individiuals to a small group at his home in the Forest Oaks neighborhood.  On September 17, 1969 an informal meeting was held and on November 9, 1969 the group moved from McGregor's home and began to worship in the Vocational Building of Southeast Guilford High School.  The Presbyterian Chapel, Southeast Guilford was temporarily chosen as a name for this new congregation.  Interest and attendance steadily grew until December 4, 1971 when the church was officially organized. 

Preparation began for the building of a new multi purpose facility on the property purchased in 1965.  An architect was chosen as members of the church sold church bonds and Orange Presbytery provided funds for the new church development budget.  On June 4, 1972 the congregation moved from worship to the building site and Reverend Angus McGregor, Bob Kile, and Mick McGuire cut the ribbon and dedicated the ground for a building to be called Community in Christ, Presbyterian and to be dedicated to the glory of God.  The church was constantly striving to find ways to serve and meet the needs of the ever expanding community and by 1976 a once a week Mother's Day Out program had expanded to include an afterschool program 5 days a week. 

The church continued to grow and in July of 1977 Reverend McGregor accepted the call to be associate general presbyter of the Presbytery del Salvador in Corpus Christ, Texas.  Reverend Joe Flora served as interim minister until August 20, 1978 when Reverend James Rissmiller was officially installed as pastor by a commission of Orange Presbytery.  The southeast community was growing and evolving and families young and old were moving into the area.  A young and vibrant family man himself, Reverend Rissmiller brought a vitality that attracted many new members.  During this time a small, yet beautiful, WICKS pipe organ was installed and plays on today.  Along with the organ, CIC,P was also fortunate enough to purchase a 1926 Model A Steinway Grand Piano which has since been totally restored and enhances the many musical offerings every Sunday. 

On March 6, 1994 the church celebrated the groundbreaking for a new addition to provide flexible space needed for their education and programs.  Reverend Rissmiller faithfully led the congregation with 23 years of devoted service until he took a calling on August 26, 2001 to to serve as Associate Presbyter for Ministry and Congregation Support for Salem Prebytery (formerly known as Orange Presbytery).  During this time of change a familiar face was called back to CIC,P.  Reverend Angus McGregor returned as interim pastor to assist the church during transition. 

On March 18, 2003 a new pastor, Dr. Frederick A. Beck, was called.  A former educator and accomplished musician himself, Pastor Fred brought his love of teaching and passion for music to the congregation and the preschool program (formerly afterschool program).  In 2003 keeping with their original goal of meeting today's needs, CIC,P decided to follow the trend of churches in our city and across the nation by providing a Columbarium and Memorial Plaque in a beautiful setting on the church property for those choosing cremation for burial. 

On December 4, 2011, a very special event was celebrated.  Members old and new from near and far were invited to a 40th Anniversary celebration including a special church service and luncheon afterwards.  Loving fellowship and wonderful memories of their lives and times at Community in Christ were shared by all.  After the new year arrived Pastor Beck announced his retirement plans to be effective at the end of June.  Although our congregation was sad to see our beloved pastor leave, we rejoiced for him and his wife, Sally, to have the opportunity to enjoy a long retirement together. 

In August of 2012 Dr. Thom Burleson was chosen and approved as our new interim minister. In the summer of 2014, Pastor Rob Jackson was chosen as our new pastor.  We are growing and changing and allowing the kingdom of God to shape us and our lives in this community.  Community in Christ, Presbyterian has been fulfilling and will continue to meet today's needs in a contemporary way.  We want to spread the news of God's love and amazing grace through our church services, Sunday school classes, PYF (Presybterian Youth Fellowship) programs, CIC,P Preschool, and local and world missions.  We encourage and welcome all individuals to come and join this community in Christ.


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