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​Columbarium and Memorial Plaques


Historically, churches have cared for the dying.  Currently a growing percentage of our population uses cremation as a form of preparing the body for burial.  Our church is following the trend of churches in our city and across the nation in providing a Columbarium in a beautiful setting near where the faithful worship.

The Columbarium is an area on the premises of Community in Christ, Presbyterian for placement of cremated remains by internment in niches covered by an engraved granite plate.

The Memorial Plaque is made of bronze and displays individual smaller bronze cast plagues with names and dates of deceased persons not interred in the Columbarium.

Urns and Inscriptions

The urns must fit the inside dimensions of the niches in the Columbarium walls, which are 12'x12'x12'.  The granite plates covering the niches on the wall and the Memorial Plaque contains only the following information:  Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death.  The engraving will be arranged by the Columbarium Committee and the Memorial Plaques will be ordered through the church.


Services for the internment of cremated remains will be arranged by the minister of Community in Christ, Presbyterian in consultation with the family of the deceased.  Only an ordained minister may conduct the services.

Niche fee (1 or 2 urns) is $1800.  There is an additional charge for engraving.  The Memorial Plaque fee is $275. 

Specific niches may be reserved for eligible persons upon payment of the appropriate fee.  A niche will hold one or two urns. 


The Columbarium and Memorial Plaque may be reserved for use by the following:

  • Members and spouses of CiC

  • Children, step-children and grandchildren of members

  • Parents of members

  • Step-parents of members

  • Current and former ministers

  • Spouses, children, and stepchildren of current or former ministers

  • Others when approved by the Columbarium Committee

For further information, call the church office at 336-674-0396

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