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We are always finding reasons to get together and most of them include food! 


After Worship each Sunday, we have a Fellowship time that goes beyond a cup of coffee and maybe a doughnut.  Good food and good conversation is an essential to building a strong community.  Building lifelong friendships in Christ is important to us as an act of ministry in response to God's freely given love and grace. 


In addition to our weekly Fellowship time, throughout the year we have special themed Fellowship dinners the first Wednesday night of the month.  On those nights, you might also be engaged by a speaker or have fun playing a game of bingo with some of the oddest white elephant winnings!  To eat and to play are both gifts from God.


You can discover more about Fellowship at Community in Christ, Presbyterian through both our Calendar or our Newsletter.

Just click on the word and the latest edition will open.


 Visiting our Facebook page will not only give you the latest information, but it will show you some of our past Fellowship times.





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