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The pastor of a PC(USA) congregation is called.  When the call of a pastor comes to an end, the congregation will often go through a time of transition and will hire an interim minister to help lead them.  An interim minister not only cares for the congregation in the same way as any called pastor would, but the interim helps the congregation to reflect upon where they are on their collective faith journey.  An interim works to build up the congregation for its future ministry; helping them prepare for the next chapter in the church's ministry when they call a new pastor. 


The process of calling a new pastor takes time and involves the congregation and the local presbytery's Committee on Ministry.  One part of the interim process is writing the Mission Study.  Formal conversations from small group gatherings, informal conversations, surveys, church history, and current congregational ministry discernment all come together in the creation of the Mission Study.  You can read Community in Christ's Mission Study by clicking here


The congregation then elects a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) and tasks that Committee with bringing forward a candidate.  The PNC is representational of the congregation as a whole and must be unanimous when comes to their final candidate choice. 


Elected on July 14, 2013, the PNC  for Community in Christ, Presbyterian is Ken Blake, Vickie Chamberlain, Cherie Dimmick, Mike Edens, Jim Hooks, Chase McElvey and Laura Penrod.


The next step in the search process is to write the Ministry Information Form (MIF).  This is a form that describes the church and the candidate qualifications the congregation desires.  The MIF must be approved by the Session, the PNC and the presbytery's Committee on Ministry.  We have not completed this step in the search process and you can read the final MIF by clicking here.


Now interested candidates are sending their Personal Information Forms (PIF) to be read and evaluated by the PNC.  The PNC will discern their top candidates through reviewing sermons, conducting phone interviews, and having in-person interviews.  When the PNC is able to unanimously determine the one candidate they would like to bring before the congregation to be elected as the next pastor, that candidate must first be reviewed and approved by the presbytery's Committee on Ministry.  Then the candidate is introduced to the congregation for them to vote.  Only then will Comunity in Christ, Presbyterian have a newly called pastor. 


Check back for updates as we complete this next step in the journey. 


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