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Worship Services

In Worship we share our faith through music, word, and prayer.  Worship is much more than a performance in a particular style at Community in Christ.  Worship is our community's response to the freely given grace of God that has been revealed to us through Jesus Christ. 
Sunday Mornings

9:30 Sunday mornings, we gather and share our gifts in worship.  We express ourselves through different styles of music, through prayer, and through reading and reflecting upon scripture. 

As our name suggests, our worship is more communal in nature rather than a performance of just a few.  Different people lead different parts of the service on any given Sunday.  Our music style is predicated on the gifts of the congregation.  The word "blended" probably best describes our approach to worship with elements of traditional and contemporary worship.  Proclaiming the gospel is primary, the method is just the means.  Our worship is not perfect, but it is sincere and it is honest. 

Contemplating scripture, we prefer to ask questions and seek answers rather than give a singular idealogical answer.  God is to be discovered.  Faith is to be lived in all of life's messiness.  Join us.  You are sure to be warmly welcomed and, God willing, Spirit led.


Communion is celebrated at least monthly.  In the Presbyterian Church (USA), all baptized Christians are welcome to the table of Christ. 

It has long been the tradition at Community in Christ, Presbyterian to gather around the table in small groups whenever we celebrate communion.  This reminds us not only of who we are as Christ's community, but it reminds us how Jesus and his disciples were gathered around  the table when Jesus first offered to them his body and blood.  In the circle we pass the elements and serve one another.  We hold hands.  We share hugs and the peace of Christ with one another.  Yes, this way of serving communion takes time but we always leave with a better understanding of why Jesus asked his followers to remember him in this way. 


Jesus gave the commandment that we are to love one another as he loves us.  The table of Christ and our gathering around it is both the starting point and the refreshment of that love.   

Special Services

Throughout the year, Community in Christ, Presbyterian has special services both on Sunday mornings and at other times celebrating the story of our faith.


Christmas Eve - A candlelight service celebrating Jesus' birth through carols and readings.

Ash Wednesday - The beginning to the season of Lent, a time of self-reflection and fasting.

Maundy Thursday - On this night we remember Jesus washing the disciples' feet and the institution of Communion from the bread and wine of Passover. 

Easter Sunrise Service- An outdoor service, weather permitting, to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.

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