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Youth - PYF (Presbyterian Youth Fellowship)

We make welcoming our practice.

Too many of us have had bad experiences with Youth group "cliques" or with programs that did not allow us to honestly express or explore our Youth faith.  For some we were given the answer too quickly and too forcefully, even before we knew just what question we wanted to ask.

At Community in Christ, Presbyterian  we welcome all Youth on Wednesday night starting at 6:00 for Middle School Youth and High School.  We value relationships over program.  We would rather you bring your honest questions rather than give you canned answers. 

​The Youth of Community in Christ participate fully in the life of the church.  You will see them Sunday mornings often helping in worship.  The older Youth help with the younger children of the church, often giving them the same experiences they themselves had as younger children.  So the Youth lead events like the annual Easter Egg hunt.  The Youth are also a vital part of the congregation's Outreach ministry.  They are the ones who are walking for CROPwalk.   The best way to keep up with everything the Youth do in the this congregation is to visit our Facebook page.

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