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"Learning with Friends"

Phone #: 336-674-1050  Email:

           Monday through Friday​​​​:                  Toddlers and Two's: 9:00-12:00 

Three's and PreK​​​​​​​​​​​​: 9:30-1:00

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2024-2025 School Year Monthly Tuition

Pre-K: 5 Days         $285.00

3's: 3 Days M,W,F  $220.00                  

3's: 5 Days              $285.00

2's: 3 Day M,W,F    $220.00

2's: 5 Days              $285.00

Toddlers: M,W,F     $220.00

Toddlers: 5 days     $285.00


A $65.00 non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration on or before May 24, 2024. After May 24, 2024, registration fee will be $85.00


*Active members of Community in Christ, Presbyterian receive a 10% discount.


*Class offerings are subject to change based on enrollment.


*Children must be the appropriate age for their class by August 31st of that year.  

*We follow the Guilford County School Calendar including holidays and workdays.

*We provide a morning snack and milk at lunch time.  Lunches are brought from home.

Program Overview​

CIC Preschool is a half or full day, 9 month program.  We are here to provide your child with positive and loving experiences through developmentally appropriate practices.  Our staff of caring teachers foster growth in your child.  Our teachers do this by providing special opportunities for development and learning.  Our goal is to do this with enthusiasm, creativity, and Christian love.


Each school day is designed to include  a variety of coordinated activities that will encourage artistic expression, social emotional development, gross and fine motor play, music, language and literacy development, and chapel time.

Our preschool provides a loving, Christian environment for your child, and we are sure you and your preschooler will enjoy being a part of our CIC Preschool family.

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